Toy Story 3: The Video Game – Developer Diary

Scheduled to be released on June 15th in conjunction with the film, Toy Story 3: The Video Game features all the beloved Toy Story characters and an exciting new “Toy Box” gameplay mode. The “Toy Box” mode is an open-word, sandbox-style of play that allows players to create their own story and adventures. This developer diary focuses on the character Zurg.

Random Guy doing a cartwheel

Uncle Frankie is back, and doing the worst and funniest cartwheel ever!

Cat scared while sleeping

title speaks for itself

Balls On Your Head

the whitest kids u’ know season 1 episode 5



A nuclear weapon detonated underwater to test effacts on ships

how do you react if someone queefs or farts during sex? Hey, queefs and farts happen during sex. They do. But how do you react so it doesn’t kill the mood?

GI Jane

Demi Moore is in top form in this action-packed hit! Moore stars as gutsy Lieutenant O’Neil, the first woman ever given the opportunity to earn a place in the armed forces most highly skilled combat unit — the elite Navy SEALS! But the already brutal rigors of training camp turn into an unimaginable test of courage and determination once it becomes clear that no one — powerful politicians, top military brass, or her male Navy SEAL teammates — wants her to succeed!


Amadeus (rendezői változat) Teljes Film

színes, magyarul beszélő, amerikai filmdráma, 173 perc, 1984 A léha, életvidám, felelőtlen zseni és a szorgalmas, fegyelmezett, de nagy művésszé sosem váló zeneszerző rivalizálása. 1781-ben járunk, amikor Mozart II. József udvarába érkezik. Antonio Salieri, az udvari zeneszerző kétségbeesetten tapasztalja, hogy az isteni tehetség, amire mindig is vágyott egy alpárian trágár, huncutkodó tréfamesternek adatott meg. Az írigységtől elvakult középszerű zenész tönkre akarja tenni Mozartot, kerüljön, amibe kerül.

Farting down the mic LoL!

i got home from school and then invited my mate jack in the party and then he starts farting :) hope you enjoy.


Dumb Asian with a bad farting problem

A dumb Asian (Ivy), has been recorded with a bad case of “bad gas”.

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